Facilities at The Grand Arista – get ready to be spoilt for choice!

The workspaces that are coming up along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway are just a stone’s throw away. The breath of fresh air of the locality can only the experienced to be believed. With families moving into the gated community, the facilities at the oh-so-beautiful The Grand Arista are being savoured by many.

It has taken a concerted effort by a number of teams to breathe life into the homes at The Grand Arista. With the smiling faces that can now be seen in plenty, the effort has been worth it. It is now for the residents to enjoy the facilities that will turn out to a pride for them in the years ahead.

As the wind blows, the 270-degree view from every tower leaves the residents of every apartment with an inexplicable feeling. No condominiums in any metro city can promise that thrill. Ask the residents and they too will find it difficult to put it in words. They have just begun to enjoy the rustling of the winds, with their evening cup of tea.

“It is open. It is green. We are breathing absolutely fresh air. Everything is now falling in place for all our homes at The Grand Arista,” Mrs. Monika Agarwal who moved in recently, said about the experience she is now having.

For the day, if you have had enough clean air to breathe, it might be worth walking around to experience the greenery. But this is not all since only the first phase of the project has been completed. Work on the second phase is expected to be completed in 2022 the lush greenery can only get better after all the work has been done.

“Our idea was to make The Grand Arista the best in community living standards in the locality. That is why we worked on detailing each activity for residents and have provided for that,” Mr Rahul Chaudhary of Sunworld said, explaining the thinking that went in to design the complex.

That thought show up to any visitor who has an eye for detail. Care has been taken so that every segment of the residents could make use of the various facilities for them. If there is a swimming pool for everyone, there is a pool for the kids too. Choices, anyone?
For those who have to have their daily dose of sport and other outdoor activities, there are several options available. Besides a cricket pitch, tennis and badminton courts as well as a jogging track, there is a place separately earmarked for kids to play too. The choice is for the residents to make.
A separate sit out for the elderly along with a yoga and meditation centre can also be used for different kinds of residents. Add the flower garden, a Zen garden as options and they too have enough places to spend time together. Again, it is your choice to do what you want.
The water body and fountain at the entrance could leave visitors mesmerised. An amphitheatre, party lawns, club house, luxury service apartments and a small commercial area for the immediate needs will surely add to the convenience for the residents.
As more and more residents move into their homes, the community at The Grand Arista is certain to grow and influence the neighbourhood.