The Grand Arista – Promoting a Greener Planet

The Better Buildings equal Better Lives

We believe green buildings are the foundations of something bigger; helping people, the communities and cities they reside in- safely, healthily and sustainably. We trust that our Green Building consideration must go beyond construction, efficiency and the materials used; we must dig deeper and focus on what matters most within the buildings and communities.
Every single human being on the planet should have safe and healthy place to live, work, learn and play. Leading long and healthy lives is not a privilege- it’s now a constitutional right of everyone. The Grand Arista believes that the places where we spend 90 percent of our time must support our health and well being. Improved health and productivity benefits are playing a larger role than ever before in driving companies as well as communities to invest in more.

There is something unique about The Grand Arista and the culture that its residents are now building. Thanks to a number of design features in the apartments, residents are practising sustainable living in their unique way.
The Grand Arista is not meant for everyone. The luxurious houses, studio and service apartments are meant for the well-heeled. So, some could call it responsible luxury.

Here are the features in the complex and apartments that make it stand out from others in the vicinity.

Green building certification:
Keeping in view the green building construction approach and considerations the IGBC has certified “ The Grand Arista” as GREEN BUILDING GROUP HOUSING PROJECT. Generally, this certification shows and certify the sustainable use and exploitation of water, energy and waste ( liquid as well as solid) management to provide the healthy living environment within and surrounding the complex. The Grand Arista is equipped with most modern state-of-the -art setups to give sustainable usage & exploitation of the natural resources.

Few green establishments within the community are as follows:
Zero-Liquid-Discharge( ZLD):
Since water is such a precious resource, this is a critical thing. This practice helps in significantly reducing the reject or waste component of water after treatment. The process helps in treating water and recycling it’s waste or reject components through Membrane Batch Reactor associated with Sewerage Treatment Plant which removes all liquid waste from the system and gives membranes water for many use and applications.
Sewerage Treatment Plant:
The Grand Arista is equipped with state of the art double rector based STP, the Membrane Batch Reactor ( MBR) is associated with Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) to give cleaner water free from impurities and foul smell etc. Even many byproducts can be derived at the end.
Energy Consumption & Conservation:
The Grand Arista has considered many aspects of construction and community living such as, building orientation, special grade glass, pumping, transporting and using water in a most energy efficient manner to reduce or optimise the use of energy to maintain a balance according to the water- energy nexus. Many other eco- friendly construction measures & practices have been on priority of Arista to practice daily during the construction.

For those considering buying a home at this pristine location, a visit to the apartment can be organised so that he/she can take the feedback from the residents.